Buy a Business

Buying an existing business is often less risky than starting a new venture from scratch but has its own challenges which UBUNTU Business Consulting helps to eliminate.

We have a number of existing businesses for sale but if you don’t find what you are looking for, we can find it for you. We pre-screen businesses, gather research on all areas of the business, negotiate on your behalf, assist with paperwork and all legal matters, licenses and permits to financing and escrow.

We work as an acquisition team carrying out due diligence, reviewing and verifying all the relevant information about the business you are considering in terms of its financial history and anticipated returns as well as future financial needs by reviewing the balance sheet, cash flow statements, income statement and tax returns. We talk to supplies, customers and vendors to better understand the businesses reputation and sustainability.

We offer a 6 month Handover and Growth Strategy consulting package to ensure the sale is as smooth as possible for all parties involved, buyer, seller, employees, supplies and customers.

Some important questions to consider when buying a business:

• Why is this business for sale?
• What are the businesses biggest challenges?
• What is the general perception of the industry and the particular business?
• What is the potential for future growth and franchising?
• Can the business control enough market share to stay profitable?
• Will employees stay on?
• What could the possible exist strategy be?

A few benefits of buying an existing business:

• Operating history, business reputation and track record
• Established client base
• Well trained and experienced employees
• Cash flow and profits
• Systems, procedures and policies
• Easier to raise finance for an existing business than starting a new venture
• Established market
• Negotiated pricing with suppliers
• Know what to expect

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