FinCapital Testimonial

We are very fortunate to have had UBUNTU Business School provide our Call Centre Agents with invaluable call centre sales agent training. Gary and his team delivered impactful training with excellent content that made it fun, interesting and relevant! Our Agents looked forward to their Friday Training sessions and I would like to include some of their feedback:

Mushi Fourie: Thank you for the opportunity to attend the training course, a good customised practical course with real applications and relevant to our call centre. Interactive, comprehensive and informative, There are too many good points to mention, once again thank you for the wonderful training.

Brandon Veldtmann: The training helped me to be observant, energetic and enthusiastic. It gave me more awareness to stay away from things that could determine my situation and if I want to get the attention of my customers and get them on our side rather than losing them. It’s helped me a great deal with some client that I already have and the customers to come. I have benefitted from the training and now I am using what I have learnt.

Leonard Eva: I would just like to say thanks to UBUNTU Business School. The training they provided touched on a lot of need to know topics. The knowledge we gained helped with instilling confidence in the call centre environment and gave us a basic format in which to approach new and existing clients. All in all it was fantastic training and I hope to see the UBUNTU team again soon.

Luzanne le Roux: I found the training very helpful with the extra tips I got. They made the training sessions fun and interactive with enjoyable activities. Every time there were goodies to be eaten and some drinks which kept us motivated. I believe the training will surely help me in the future with sales.

These are just a few of the comments we got from our team and we are happy to report that each one has improved considerably, not only by gaining confidence, but also closing sales. We will most definitely use UBUNTU Business School again and would not hesitate to refer them to any company requiring business related training.

Linda Nel – Call Centre Supervisor
The FinGroup
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