UBUNTU Business Consulting provides affordable management consulting services from short term project management to large scale strategic interventions. Our services cover four broad areas which effectively assist our clients to:

  • Start a New Business
  • Grow Their Existing Business
  • Franchise Their Business
  • Sell Their Business

Our team includes experienced MBA, CA and LLB graduates who focus on assisting clients to start and grow profitably-sustainable businesses. Our Business School division offers business related courses for aspiring entrepreneurs, managers, employees and job seekers to improve their skills, gain recognized qualifications and achieve their goals.

What is UBUNTU ?

UBUNTU is a Nguni word from South Africa that speaks to our interconnectedness, our common humanity and the responsibility to each other that flows from our deeply felt connection. Ubuntu is consciousness of our natural desire to affirm our fellow human beings and to work and act towards each other with the communal good in the forefront of our minds.

We believe that UBUNTU is essential in business and we underpin our values on integrity, trust and collaboration. Our business is about helping you grow your business and in doing so achieve our common goals.

What Madiba has to say about UBUNTU



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